Grant Awards

Over $900,000 awarded...and counting!

Michelle Parker,
The Kevin Laue Story, $3,650.00, $3,650.00
Amanda Tipps,
Note Knacks (music notation blocks), $431.68, $4,081.68
Amanda Tipps,
Fifth Grade Symphony, $1,800.00, $5,881.68
Meghan Zigmond,
Get That Stop Motion Rolling, $320.00, $6,201.68
Rodrigo Salinas,
Youth & Government, $5,247.00, $11,448.68
Lia Phillips (BMS Science),
Science in Residence, $2,000.00, $13,448.68
Gretchen Baughman,
Total Motivation Science Workbooks, $635.80, $14,084.48
Peter Barello,
USS Lexington Field Trip, $959.00, $15,043.48
Veronica Harlin,
Interactive Whiteboard, $4,402.00, $19,445.48
Ryan Piwetz,
Environmental Field Study Equipment, $2,661.94, $22,107.42
Merry Fore-Canion,
Istation reading for RTI and Sped students for K-1, $331.50, $22,438.92
Lia Phillips (BMS Science),
Gizmo-Explore Learning, $3,150.00, $25,588.92
Brock Grosse,
Feeding the Hungry Hippo, $5,000.00, $30,588.92
Michelle Parker (BMS STUCO),
STUCO Leadership, $3,760.00, $34,348.92
Glenys Kucera,
Science Pantry, $1,200.00, $35,548.92
PAHS Natural Helpers Retreat, $2,493.66, $38,042.58
Texas Art Commission Returns to OES, $3,300.00, $41,342.58
Peter Barello,
Dave Ramsey Personal Finance, $1,084.55, $42,427.13
Istation math, $1,319.20, $43,746.33
Peter Barello,
Dual Credit Texts, $1,734.55, $45,480.88
Nancy Morgan,
Garden Learning Area, $3,936.00, $49,416.88
Ryan Piwetz,
PAHS Aerial Drone 2.0, $3,359.00, $52,775.88
Ryan Piwetz,
Challenge Team, $835.00, $53,610.88
Meghan Zigmond,
Learn & Lead at TCEA 2018, $1,245.46, $54,856.34
Debbie Hood & Casey Stokes,
Autism Aware, $734.48, $55,590.82
Ryan Piwetz,
Maker and AP Supplies, $2,763.56, $58,354.38
Valerie Martinez,
Open Air Sculpture Studio, $9,957.97, $68,312.35
Merry Fore-Canion,
Horseshoe table, $372.44, $68,684.79
Amanda Tipps,
TMEA Annual Convention, $1,107.00, $69,791.79
Veronica Harlin,
25th Annual Austim Conference, $586.48, $70,378.27
Veronica Harlin,
Kids Kore Wobble Chairs, $839.99, $71,218.26
Peter Barello,
AP Supplies, $1,018.50, $72,236.76
Gina McKeever,
OES Staff Attend Conf for the Adv. of Science Teachers, $1,252.16, $73,488.92
Janis Moore,
OES Outdoor Weather Station, $2,404.49, $75,893.41
Gina McKeever,
Marlin Discovery Garden Seed Money for Teachers, $1,500.00, $77,393.41
Peter Barello,
AP Summer Seminar, $1,302.00, $78,695.41
Peter Barello,
Coin Quest, $800.00, $79,495.41
Thom Driver,
Google Apps Certified Admin. BootCamp, $2,070.00, $81,565.41
Ryan Piwetz,
Mobile Workstation, $2,958.96, $84,524.37
Peter Barello,
Learnerator, $800.00, $85,324.37
Peter Barello,
Camera, $600.00, $85,924.37
James Garrett,
THSBCA Convention, $331.25, $86,255.62
Peter Barello,
Computer Control, $1,099.99, $87,355.61
Martinez/Cook/Tipps (ART Dept.),
TAEA 2017 Conference, $2,069.00, $89,424.61
James Garrett,
National School Safety Symposium, $1,200.00, $90,624.61
James Garrett,
TASSP Summer Workshop/Legal Updates, $1,076.88, $91,701.49
Debbie Hood & Casey Stokes,
Fidgeting to Learn, $2,646.92, $94,348.41
Deena Mooney,
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training of Trainers Prog, $4,477.40, $98,825.81
Ryan Piwetz,
Science Lab Storage Cabinets, $1,528.57, $100,354.38
Victor Dimond,
Coaches Covention, $325.00, $100,679.38
Steve Reaves,
Cross Country Coaches Association Clinic, $693.00, $101,372.38
Renee Hillis,
Brundrett Reach in Cooler, $4,800.00, $106,172.38
Steve Reaves,
Rain/Wind Gear for the Golf Team, $1,875.00, $108,047.38
Steve Reaves,
Backpacks for Cross Country, $1,310.00, $109,357.38

Robots, $657.59, $657.59
Alamo Field Trip, $1,561.00, $2,218.59
P Barello,
USS Lexington trip, $959.00, $3,177.59
History Club, $2,000.00, $5,177.59
Language Scientists, $2,843.65, $8,021.24
Author Visits, $3,006.26, $11,027.50
5th Grade Symphony, $1,800.00, $12,827.50
V Martinez/Welch/Cartright,
Mentoring, $1,500.00, $14,327.50
It's In The Game, $1,346.00, $15,673.50
Survey Says!, $2,285.00, $17,958.50
P Barello,
Dual Credit Texts, $2,514.37, $20,472.87
Spelling Bee, $239.97, $20,712.84
MakerSpace, $4,860.00, $25,572.84
Shop Revitalization, $5,000.00, $30,572.84
Cole/Davidson, B
and Formal Wear, $5,740.00, $36,312.84
Project Purple, $1,250.00, $37,562.84
L Barello,
8th Grade Computers, $4,750.00, $42,312.84
Voyles ,
Lego Club, $1,480.00, $43,792.84
L Barello,
AP Review Materials, $1,000.00, $44,792.84
Maker & AP Supplies, $2,756.00, $47,548.84
Vision Tool, $7,800.00, $55,348.84
V Martinez,
Creativity Space, $4,300.00, $59,648.84
Sewing Supplies, $700.00, $60,348.84
P Barello,
AP World History, $1,018.50, $61,367.34
Osmo, $297.00, $61,664.34
Piwetz/V Martinez,
Picture This, $4,726.84, $66,391.18
V Martinez/Piwetz ,
Idea Lab, $3,718.24, $70,109.42
iStation Diff Math, $672.00, $70,781.42
P Barello,
Learnerator for AP World History, $800.00, $71,581.42
iStation Diff Reading, $885.00, $72,466.42
P Barello,
AP Summer Seminar, $1,302.00, $73,768.42
Elmo/Gizmos, $4,451.99, $78,220.41
Listening Center, $623.67, $78,844.08
Math Journals, $700.00, $79,544.08
GPS Watches, $3,725.60, $83,269.68
G Jones,
Books, $1,200.00, $84,469.68
Computers, $4,550.00, $89,019.68
P Barello,
TV in Foyer, $1,948.00, $90,967.68
P Barello,
Coin Quest, $700.00, $91,667.68
Rosetta Stone, $998.00, $92,665.68
Plasma Cutter, $7,725.74, $100,391.42
Torchmate , $9,741.98, $110,133.40
P Barello,
Chromebit, $120.00, $110,253.40
Flamenco Dancing, $3,300.00, $113,553.40
Student Council, $1,816.00, $115,369.40
Scientist in Residence, $2,000.00, $117,369.40
Tennis Coach Clinic, $325.00, $117,694.40
K Jones,
Shooter Tool, $5,000.00, $122,694.40
Double Deck Oven, $7,080.00, $129,774.40
Jones et al,
Basketball Coaches Clinic, $2,117.46, $131,891.86
iPad Pro, $887.99, $132,779.85
Bean Bags, $281.28, $133,061.13
iPad, $1,124.00, $134,185.13
Baseball Coach Clinic, $250.00, $134,435.13
TCEA Conference, $1,927.00, $136,362.13
Makeup Mirrors, $2,101.48, $138,463.61
Cross Country Coaches Clinic, $688.00, $139,151.61
Bouncy Bands, $647.50, $139,799.11
Rug, $409.00, $140,208.11

Laurie Barello, $2,046 for AP calculus textbooks, $3,112 for computer science computers, $2,491 for dual credit college algebra textbooks, $2,819 for dual credit statistics textbooks and
$1,000 for UIL study materials.
Pete Barello,
$1,164 for AP human geography summer session, $3,478 for AP human geography
textbooks, $400 for coin quest, $578.49 for Dave Ramsey personal finance, $3,200 for dual
credit US History and economics textbooks, $840 for Learnerator, $289.97 for social studies
resource upgrade, $2,799.99 for student research project and display, $613.80 for US history
EOC study guides, $1,052.75 for USS Lexington field trip and $990.90 for visual history wall
and map.
Gretchen Baughman and Merry Canion,
$840 for math technology and differentiated.
Merry Canion, Carly Carlough, Katy Spofford,
$1,506 for sandbox.
Merry Canion, Heather Collins,
$737.50 for iStation reading intervention.
Carly Carlough,
$4,626.42 for oral language through play.
Suzanne Casias,
$228.98 for Port Aransas ISD spelling bee.
Jim Cole,
$10,000 for timpani.
Marylin Cook,
$1,015 for teaching reading and math.
Marylin Cook and Sharon Dignum,
$1,635 for celebrating art and history.
Gay deMontel,
$1,800 for symphony.
Sharon Dignum,
$2,200 for Port A history club.
Nona Hendricks,
$3,487 for iXL: Brain Training.
Lori Keitt,
$2,595.82 for science in classroom webcam and $792.99 for classroom outreach.
Melanie Mayer,
$3,410 for BOOKS!!
Gina McKeever,
$910 for Let their voices be heard.
Michelle Parker,
$4,668.58 for Word Power+ Reading Power=Academic Success.
Rebecca Peterson,
$870 for tot and technology conference.
Penny Pillack,
$650 for document camera and $175 for traveling trunk and professor from SFA.
Ryan Piwetz,
$503.71 for AutoCad computer graphics training materials, $235 for Challenge!,
$841 for classroom technology, $1,646.72 for engineering and AP supplies, $1,826 for Stressed!
Engineering lab equipment, $2,245 for engineering reference library, $2,842.44 for The Make
Revolution – maker supplies and $4,923.74 for The Maker Revolution – maker tools.
Melissa Ramsden,
$5,000 for school nurse fund.
Danny Reyes,
$732 for Texas Educational Theatre Association.
Chris Roche,
$5,295 for sound system upgrade – new sound system.
John Speck,
$9,950.91 for innovative graphic design lab, $ 4,874.38 for Making Impressions –
The Power of Printmaking and $6,965.96 for technically enhanced and advanced art instruction.
Katy Spofford, $4,626.42 for oral language through play.
Amanda Tipps,
$1,629 for iPad charging station.
Pamela Voyles,
$4,600 for Designjet printer (for posters), $550.02 for file room MakerSpace,
$700 for sewing class, $2,500 for BMS audio and library books and $5,000 for library
Danny Welch,
$1,197 for SOAR success lab curriculum.
Meagan Zigmond,
$936.50 for TCEA state conference and $226.38 for green screen.


What the teachers are saying...

Thanks to a grant received in Spring 2011, Melanie Mayer attended the Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts 47th Annual Conference: Nurturing Lifelong Learning, held January 19-22 in San Antonio and the College Board Southwestern Regional Forum in Little Rock, Arkansas in February. In her report she writes: "All that I learned at these two most valuable conferences will end up impacting not just me and my students, but all staff and students, as I have already shared from the ELA conference, and shared ideas from the College Board conference with all the staff in August. Thank you again for the opportunity!"
Ms. Melanie Mayer, PAHS English Teacher

"On Dec. 10, the fifth grade took a field trip to Rockport to The Fulton Mansion and the Texas Maritime Museum. The PAEF sponsored the Maritime Museum. We had a wonderful time...
At the Maritime Museum, we took part in a scavenger hunt that exposed us to all sections of the museum. We learned about steamboats, the Colt 45, lighthouses, parts of a boat, Morse code, pirates, explorers, fishing (both commercial and recreational), the oil industry, and navigation...
We are so lucky to have the Education Foundation support our school and students. Field trips truly broaden the children’s horizons and make learning exciting.
Thank you for your commitment to education."
Julie Findley & Rhonda Burger
Fifth Grade Teachers

"Part of my educational philosophy is to never stop learning. I am dedicated to bringing my best to Port Aransas and to our kids, and that means I have to change and grow constantly to meet the needs of my students... I was so excited to be awarded a grant to attend the National Council of Teachers of English annual convention in Philadelphia. I just got back, and I can't thank you enough...I brought materials, web site information, new technology training, and new ideas back to share with the entire department, which means every student will benefit from your investment." 
Ms. Melanie Mayer, PAHS English Teacher

"Second grade had a fantastic time at the Corpus Christi Coast Guard Station...We got to see inside a helicopter and sit inside a jet. We saw a demonstration about the basket the coast guard uses to save lives. The students even got to sit in the basket! Thank you for our grant." Heather Collins & Cindy Moats 
Second Grade Teachers

"My classes are using the new tools and equipment every day, and they are
enjoying them immensely.  Thanks so much"  Mr. Randell Buttler, Industrial Arts Teacher

"Thank You So Much.
I'm not sure if you are aware but we purchased a total of 97 ACER netbooks with the combined funds from PAEF and the High School technology budget. These are being used daily. We have three rolling carts and wireless access points so these can be used by all classes anywhere in the HS building. Jill Smith, Peter Barello, and Mike Jones seem to use them the most in their math, science and social studies classes. This is a wonderful asset to our school and is positively impacting the academic achievement of our students every day. Thank you again so much for all that you do. " Leif Johnson, District Technology Coordinator

"This to let you know that we took delivery on the Qwizdom interactive system just last Friday. Several of the teachers are looking forward tothe use of that system in their classrooms. I KNOW the kids are just going
to love it.
Thank you for all the ways that I am aware of that you benefit these kids,
the district, and the community-at-large. And I know there is much more
than just what I've seen. Please let your Foundation colleagues know how
much our students are being helped from all of your collective effort, and
that we appreciate you all very much."
Terry Davidson, Middle School Teacher

Enjoy a video here provided by Marilyn Cook, District Dyslexia Specialist, regarding her recent attendance of a workshop funded by PAEF.  
Further information on the work Marilyn Cook has done, with help from PAEF, can be found here Marilyn's Website

“Port Aransas ISD has always been a leader in technology among school districts in the Coastal Bend. I am so appreciative of the support that our community gives to our students. This grant will enable our kids access to superior technology in a way that will enhance their academic achievement. All the students and staff want to thank PAEF for their commitment to our students." Leif Johnson, District Technology Coordinator

“I feel elated about this (grant) - not only because it makes my teaching job easier, but because it offers students the latest updates on welding technology and allows them more time under the hood, so to speak.” Randell Buttler, Industrial Arts Teacher

“I used the physics grant money to buy lab equipment. So this year’s physics class has completed about three times as many labs as last year’s class. The equipment was a little difficult to adjust at first but the kids have become experts.” Laurie Barello, Science Department Head

“February 21 the fifth graders will attend the Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra concert because of generous funding of PAEF. We will have dinner at Trout Street before going to the Performing Arts Center." Gay deMontel, Music teacher 

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