Coach Cowen Is a Winner!

Thursday, May 18, 2017
Lady Marlins Head Coach Stephanie Cowen was awarded TABC 2016-2017 2A Dean Weese Outstanding Coach Award.


Academic Excellence Awards 2016-2017

Monday, May 22, 2017
The Academic Excellence Recognition Ceremony for Olsen Elementary School & Brundrett Middle School for the 2016-2017 school year was held at the Port Aransas Community Center.

During the ceremony Dylan Merchant received the Accelerated Reader of the Year award. Bill Furlow, son of the late Barbara Furlow, presented the award that was given in his mother's memory. Bill was able to speak about his mother and her love for reading.

L to R: Bill Furlow, Dylan Merchant, Molly Furlow, Ansel Furlow,
June Furlow & Bruce Furlow (seated)

2017 PAEF Grant Awards total over $124,000!

A big THANK YOU to our community for your support!


PAEF Treats PA High School Art Class to a CC Museum of Art Trip

In 2014, PAEF funded a field trip for the Port Aransas art class to the Corpus Christi Museum of Art. Use the link below to view a video of their trip.

Art Adventure Video

A Letter to Members of PAEF

I recently read an article discouraging young people from becoming teachers. The teacher-author said that if he had it to do over again, he would never choose a career with such low pay, little appreciation, and lack of support from parents, community, and society. Bless his heart. He didn’t work in Port Aransas.

In Port Aransas, in April, teachers feel appreciated. Our community is there for us all year, sometimes in the forefront, sometimes in the background. But in April, we see the culmination of their hard work, generosity and selflessness, as the members of the Port Aransas Education Foundation award teachers and students at PAISD thousands of dollars in grants.

I am buoyed by your support. It keeps me afloat when standards and assessments change and paperwork and pressure threaten to drown me. It lifts my spirits when I am struggling to get seniors to understand that graduation is not in March but in June. It provides a smile when I have given my lunch up three days in a row to tutor a struggling student. I am there because you are there. We are a team.

Of course, the grants you gave me this year will have tangible results as well: I am already adding paper and digital books to my classroom library, and planning for the phenomenal national English teacher conference in Boston in November. These things will directly and positively impact my students.

But more than the tangible is the intangible. I have a student right now who wants to be an English teacher. I will show her the article by the teacher who says, “Don’t do it!” And I will tell her: Bless his heart. He didn’t teach in Port Aransas. Thank you, PAEF.

Melanie Mayer
(also published in South Jetty, April 25, 2013)

What Teachers Have to Say:
PAEF Funded iPads in Class

Last year, PAEF awarded Kris Jones a grant to purchase iPads for use in his classes.

The world geography textbooks provided by the state are over ten years old now. Mr. Jones uses them as a resource, but of course much has changed in the world in the last decade!

I follow TCEA (instructional technology group) on Twitter, and noticed they had sent out a tweet about the National Geographic World Atlas app being offered for free in the App Store on that day. I let Mr. Jones know, and he was able to download the app for free on his classroom iPads. Later, I visited Mr. Jones’ World Geography class and observed how the students are using iPads in the classroom.

The students are studying Central and Southwest Asia. Part of the key understandings for each unit of geography are climate, land coverings, settlement patterns, and resources. Mr. Jones had them working in groups on an assignment to help them understand the key understandings. Each group was using textbooks and a paper world atlas as resources, but each group also had an iPad with the National Geographic app loaded. This app is updated regularly, so the information is current. The students were also using the internet on the iPad to learn more about climate changes, reasons for settlement patterns, etc. in this region.

Thanks again for funding grants that allow our students to learn in the best way possible!

Sharon McKinney

Sharon McKinney Recognized by TASSP

PAEF congratulates Sharon McKinney, our Port Aransas High School principal. Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (TASSP) recently recognized Sharon McKinney as Outstanding Principal of the Year in the organization’s Region 2, the coastal area of South Texas. The accolade also makes her eligible to win the state’s Outstanding Principal of the Year next summer.

McKinney has initiated advancements in technology studies and college preparation during her three years as principal.

One initiative McKinney has helped advance is the expansion of dual credit classes in which high school students can earn both high school and college credit simultaneously. The online curriculum, which was originally limited to online recovery courses, has also been expanded to include many additional classes such as advanced placement biology and physics.

Click here to

Ms Cook and Ms Martinez ask: "How would you picture America?

Marilynn Cook and BMS art teacher Philina Martinez put together an exciting program for BMS students. Based on the Picturing America project of the National Endowment for the Humanities, this program incorporates art history into reading and critical thinking skills. 

The students are challenged to act as art curators for an art exhibit at Brundrett Middle School. Their task is to help select the 15 pieces of art work for our exhibit. Click here to visit the website and learn more about this exciting program. 

Melanie Mayer Wins Two Prestigious Awards!

PAEF congratulates and is proud of PAHS ELA teacher/PAISD ELA Coordinator Melanie Mayer for having earned not one but TWO prestigious statewide awards! Melanie has been a recipient of PAEF grants multiple times and we greatly appreciate her dedication to her students.

First, she has been selected at one of the 2011 Outstanding Teaching of the Humanities Award by Humanities Texas.

Humanities Texas presents these awards annually to Texas social studies and language arts teachers who have made exemplary contributions in teaching, curriculum development, and extracurricular programming. Each recipient, chosen from a pool of applicants, receives a $5,000 prize, with an additional $500 for his or her school to purchase instructional materials.

Representatives from Humanities Texas were here on January 2, 2012 to present the award to Melanie.

Second, Melanie has been named a recipient of the Texas Exes Award for Outstanding Teachers.

Each year, in cooperation with the Texas Exes alumni association and the UT College of Education, the University recognizes ten Texas high school teachers and two elementary school teachers with the Texas Exes Award for Outstanding Teachers. She will receive a $2250 prize.

Melanie will be honored at a ceremony in Austin on February 24, 2012.

Marilynn Cook Gives PAISD AND PAEF International Recognition

Marilynn Cook spoke about the Port Aransas Education Foundation (PAEF) and the recent PAEF-funded "Lunch and Learn" program at the Kappa Delta Pi International Convocation Crossroads of Excellence 2011 Idea Swap in November 2011.

In her brief overview of the program, Marilynn plans to tell the international audience that, in the "Lunch and Learn" program, students in the Port Aransas Independent School District (PAISD) conducted a study in neuroscience to uncover how the brain learns. The goals of this project were to help students understand their unique learning strengths and to raise awareness about learning challenges. Students used what they learned in the project to understand and overcome their own learning challenges and help their fellow students have the same success.

During a brief history of the funding of the project, she will let the convocation attendees know that the PAEF is focused on creating exceptional and enriching educational experiences for the students, projects that encourage students and teachers to "think outside the test."

Marilynn will talk about the success of "Lunch and Learn" as she shares quotes from some of the students and tells the story of students who discovered their best way to learn and then became more successful in class and more confident in their ability to learn. She will also mention the continued success of the program through the students' participation in Brain Awareness Week, a program form the Dana Alliance that increases public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research.

Click here to read Marilynn's handout for her presentation at this prestigious event.

In the News

We are grateful to the Port Aransas South Jetty Newspaper for their awesome coverage of the Foundation. Below are links to past news stories involving the PAEF.

Port Aransas South Jetty PAEF Awards Ceremony
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KRIS TV News - PAEF Awards Ceremony
Thursday morning, the Port Aransas Education Foundation held a grant awards ceremony, announcing awards totaling more than $124,000 for the city's education system.

Port Aransas Elementary, middle and high school teachers received grants from the foundation. More...

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04/23/2015 - Funds for the future
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2015-04-22 - 35p1.jpg
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... on Wednesday, April 30, to partake in the eighth annual PAEF awards ceremony. Those who were awarded grants were asked to dance, ... included in the fun and were asked trivia questions by PAEFmembers in order to receive gift cards. All of the grants that were ...
05/08/2014 - It takes a village to raise a child - Story
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12/19/2013 - The desire to be successful - Story
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11/21/2013 - Family matters - Story
... delivery and quality of instruction with the support of PAEF. Seeing half of the raised revenue (school taxes) going to the poorer ...
10/31/2013 - PAEF donates $3,000 for schools’ softball scoreboard - Story
The Port Aransas Education Foundation has donated $3,000 to help toward the purchase and installation of a scoreboard honoring the late Karen Hall. The scoreboard will be at the Paul Matthews Softball Field on the corner of Beach and Station streets .
05/09/2013 - Our helping community - Story
... to have the best academic learning opportunities and the PAEF delivers! This community also champions the teachers and staff of …
April 18, 2013 - PAEF awards record $112,000 in grants

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