PAISD needs some LOVE!

Our teachers, staff and administrators continue to provide LOVE & support to our students during these unprecedented and challenging times.  PLEASE, PLEASE help us show these rock stars that we will continue to support our PAISD family in 2021 despite not having a live event!!

We LOVE our awesome PORT A STRONG community and our generous donors!

Our teachers, staff and administrators are TOTALLY ROCKING it!!

They are juggling simultaneous in-person AND online teaching, and are making sure every one of our Marlins has the very best opportunity for success – like they always do. PLEASE, PLEASE help us show these rock stars that we will continue to support our PAISD family in 2020 despite not having a live event! Use the money you would have spent on shoes and an outfit for the event and donate it instead!

Ticket money? Donate it! Table money? Donate it!
Remind your friends and neighbors to do the same!

We know we can count on our awesome, generous PORT A STRONG community!

How your donation will be used:

Classroom Enrichment Grants

Provide funds for teachers to implement new and innovative programs in the classroom that promote advanced approaches to teaching and that enrich the learning experience for students and teachers.

Employee Development Grants

Assist employees of the school district to develop the personal skill sets needed to give our children the best possible education, through continuing education, seminars, workshops and/or conferences.

Campus or District Enhancement Grants

Provide funds to a campus or the district to upgrade or implement tools, activities, or projects which would enhance or advance educational achievement.

Because of Port Aransas Education Foundation:


Grants Awarded... and counting!


New Classroom Tools Purchased


Teacher Workshops Attended

Our Mission

The Port Aransas Education Foundation is committed to actively seeking community support to promote educational excellence within the Port Aransas Independent School District.

A Legacy of Excellence

Please consider contributing to the Port Aransas EducationFoundation in whatever way you can, whether that’s donating or sharing our mission with our community, everything helps!

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