Last year, PAEF awarded Kris Jones a grant to purchase iPads for use in his classes.

The world geography textbooks provided by the state are over ten years old now. Mr. Jones uses them as a resource, but of course much has changed in the world in the last decade!

I follow TCEA (instructional technology group) on Twitter, and noticed they had sent out a tweet about the National Geographic World Atlas app being offered for free in the App Store on that day. I let Mr. Jones know, and he was able to download the app for free on his classroom iPads. Later, I visited Mr. Jones’ World Geography class and observed how the students are using iPads in the classroom.

The students are studying Central and Southwest Asia. Part of the key understandings for each unit of geography are climate, land coverings, settlement patterns, and resources. Mr. Jones had them working in groups on an assignment to help them understand the key understandings. Each group was using textbooks and a paper world atlas as resources, but each group also had an iPad with the National Geographic app loaded. This app is updated regularly, so the information is current. The students were also using the internet on the iPad to learn more about climate changes, reasons for settlement patterns, etc. in this region.

Thanks again for funding grants that allow our students to learn in the best way possible!

Sharon McKinney