Classroom Enrichment Grants

Provide funds for teachers to implement new and innovative programs in the classroom that promote advanced approaches to teaching and that enrich the learning experience for students and teachers.

Employee Development Grants

Assist employees of the school district to develop the personal skill sets needed to give our children the best possible education, through continuing education, seminars, workshops and/or conferences.

Campus or District Enhancement Grants

Provide funds to a campus or the district to upgrade or implement tools, activities, or projects which would enhance or advance educational achievement.

Port Aransas Education Foundation Has Raised


In Grants... & Counting!

Who We Are

The Port Aransas Education Foundation (PAEF) is a local non-profit 501(c)3 entity established in August 2006 to provide funds for educational materials, events, and training not traditionally funded by school budgets.

Board Officers

Shannon Vanorman

Ashleigh Robertson
Vice President

Tammy Maraquin

Sarah Pate Wilson


  •  Ashley Bepko
  • Kodi Cibulka
  • Jilliann Gainey
  • Josh Garcia
  • Michelle Kelman
  • Shannon Lafayette
  • Louisa Mayfield
  • Wendy Moore
  • Melanie Pendleton
  • Shenna Schneider
  • Meghan Shanklin
  • Lisa Shelton
  • Michelle Zaludek